Electric Fencing & Products

Tandem Security Systems will provide you with the best quality electric fence at the lowest price

Based on previous experience in a manufacturing environment Tandem Security Systems is able to manufacture specialized fencing poles and equipment as needed. Different components can be combined to produce the best fence at the best price.

The function of an electric fence is: The necessity of electric fences in South Africa: Electric fences at estates and large corporate parks
Tandem Security Systems provide the following: Energizers

Energizers are designed to supply the electric fence with power. 220 Volts from the main supply (AC) are converted to direct current. None lethal pulses of 9900 volts (DC) are generated to power fence. Energizers are fitted with batteries to ensure operation during power failures. The power consumption of electric fences are very low.

To provide in the needs of the private home owner as well as the Corporate client a variety of energizers are available.

Magnum 8 joule Simplex: Magnum Shock all: Magnum Smart: Wall top fencing

It is important that the fence is high enough. Tandem Security Systems do not use poles with less than 7 strands. The poles are manufactured and powder coated to high standards. Only the best bobbins are used.

Attached fencing

Where extra security is needed for brick walls, wire fencing or palisade a full fence can be installed on the inside of property .

Free standing fences

Full electric stand alone fences are used to secure premises. It can be installed next to the existing diamond mesh fences to provide extra security or on its own.

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